Windows in the vernacular house of Kampung Naga

Jendela kaca mulai diperkenalkan di Kampung Naga sekitar tahun 1957. Foto ke-1 adalah jendela asli. Foto ke-2 adalah jendela yang telah dimodifikasi. Kenapa diganti? Menurut salah satu warganya karena jendela kayu membuat ruangan lebih gelap. (Any comment?) . Teknologi modern yang lebih cepat guna memang… Read More

Japan: the cyclist paradise

There are five reasons that make Japan the paradise for cyclists. First of all is because of the safety. In Japan, some areas are officially designated as the cycling routes, like in Shimanamikaido. In that kind of route, the bicycle lane is indicated with the blue-colored line,… Read More

Cycling at Tobishimakaido

For the foreign cyclist who is coming to Japan, the Tobishimakaido maybe not as famous as its close neighbor, Shimanamikaido. Both routes offer an island hopping experience, meaning that we can move across the islands by using the bridges connecting them. I’ve experienced cycling in both Shimanamikaido and Tobishimakaido so that I can… Read More